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Food Culture Revival

Reflecting on Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food Film Screening

This past December, I took advantage of an opportunity to attend a film screening and discussion of Michael Pollan’s new documentary based on his book, In Defense of Food, at NYU. The event was sold out and was filled with food advocates, foodies, and all sorts of various people involved in the movement to improve our food system in the United States.

That night, there were several key messages that stood out to me during the screening and discussion, but most of all, what really resonated with me is the idea of culture tied to food habits.

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Hello world!

This blog site is about my reflection on current news, events, and research all related to Food, Nutrition, and the Environment.

I believe that the way we grow our food can have a significant impact both nutritionally and environmentally. Being mindful of this will help us do what’s best for the health of our bodies and the environment we live in. Then we can be on our way to making amazing nutritious and environmentally conscious food choices. Through this site I will gather some of the best resources and give you sound advice to help you make the best choice for yourself and the environment around you.

I hope to engage with other like-minded people and grow to learn more about everyone’s effort in making our environment a healthier place to live in.